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WordPress is growing fast and advancing even faster. There are 40% of the websites on the internet which use WordPress in one way or another. So basically there are 3 types of websites that one can build on WordPress. Static website for introduction and portfolio, Dynamic Website for things like blog and ads. And the last is eCommerce for selling any product.

Static Website

The websites are important for those who are not very techy and only wanted to make their presence online.  Or that is also good for people who only want to showcase their work online and present the service offline, for example, A law firm, Doctor’s portfolio and timing, etc.

It is not really recommended for people who are looking to expand their business online and gain customers. The very basic assumption is that you build a website and you start getting leads the next day. it doesn’t work like that, definitely not on Static websites. There are different processes and technology to get the leads online which will be covered later in this section.

Dynamic Website

The dynamic website is the website in which you need to keep people updated about the products, services or information on a daily basis. The important part of these types of website are you will interact with your customer or potential client on daily basis. 

It is recommended for people who post a blog daily or weekly or monthly, someone who keeps changing the pricing of the services or keep updating their service or someone with a lot of follower on Facebook or Instagram and wanted to have an independent platform to keep them posted.

E-Commerce Website

These websites showcase their product or service online and give the customer an option to buy them, subscribe to them or opt for them. There are different reasons for opening an online store, maybe to keep the customer interaction going so that they get the online option once they buy offline, or maybe it is a new business and wanted to get some leads online from social media platforms.

We recommend this to those who are willing to get the business online and wanted to showcase their product to some specific part of the world or to the entire world. These types of websites are evolving very fast has already captured 36% of the entire market and transactions are happening online.

So above are the main 3 types of websites that you want to go for and there might be a slight product change or idea change but the basic model will be based on the above 3. Let us know your thoughts about having your own WordPress website.

Also, you can give us the project from the website WordPress Web Design where they help the clients find the best agencies for their business needs and requirements.

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