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My Darzie, Features and benefits

After covid19, we all know the power of the internet and the business associated with it. It’s an ideal workplace where one can interact with others without any physical need. If I want to sell anything, I will list it on the internet and bam, customers can see the product from the comfort of their homes. No need to rush to the market, stand in a queue or wait for billing, everything you need is at your fingertips.

We have introduced a similar concept for the boutiques and tailors, a feature-rich dashboard for owners and an attractive website for the customers.

Below are some of the best-handpicked features for you.

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Customer Order Tracking

With the customer tracking options, the customer will be kept updated with the current step on which their apparel is, for example, if the apparel is in the stitching step, the customer will see it as stitching or if the apparel is ready, that will be marked as ready so the customer will be able to pick the ready apparel.

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Customer Website

There is a website for customers to help them interact with them better. So there will be some features that customers can opt for.

  1. Your shop will be listed on the website so that customers can see your speciality, apparel, price and review by other customers.
  2. The customer will be able to track the order simply by going to the website and entering the tracking ID.
  3. Customers can search the nearby boutiques or in different locations.
  4. Customers can filter the shops based on different apparel they want.
  5. They can explore new apparel with the boutiques offering them.
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Order/Apparel current Status

To manage any business successfully a systematic approach is all you need. My Darzie provides you with this option with an attractive interface with the only click of 2 buttons, select the apparel > select the status. And the good news is, that you don’t need to worry about contacting the customer once the order is completed, they will be notified by SMS that their order is completed and ready to be picked up. Isn’t that great?

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All Orders at one place

All the orders of the customer at the one place with the filter options like All Orders, Assigned, Active and Delivered to let the admin know about the orders which are still on the shelf and the due date is near or is assigned to you four days back but you haven’t processed it till now.

There is also a delivery date which will keep you updated about the critical deadlines. So that all the important deadlines are on top so you don’t miss them and complete them on time.

There are also the Paid and Delivered buttons to mark the order with a single click. There are other features likewise, download invoice, email invoice, delete the order, etc included.

My Darzie Order page
My Darzie internal chat feature
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Internal Chat

It is really tough to remember each and every detail of the orders. The internal chat option gives you a chat window where you can post the important details about the order and other employees who will have access to the orders can see the notes and work accordingly. It is a good feature for you if you have more than 1 worker for the same process.

This will give you full control over any order and the employee working on it.


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Access Control

Security is a very important part nowadays and it is very important that your data is also secured internally. To make it secure for you we have introduced Roles where you can define the set of access in specific roles and the users will only be accessing those data which are allowed to them. The data which are not allowed to any one user, he won’t be able to see it.

My Darzie roles button

Checkout My Darzie to get full experience of the features of My Darzie Admin portal or you can go to register page and register yourself.
The basic plan is free in which you can add upto 100 customers and create upto 50 orders per month and notes and reports are not included in the free plan. But you can upgrade to a higher plan if you plan to get more features.

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