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Tailored for you
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My Darzie

My darzie is an online portal designed for all types of tailors. Doesn’t matter if you are a small tailor shop with only 2 workers or a large enterprise with more than 100 workers, it is still perfect for you.

From order progress tracking to customer delivery and customer apparel measurement, everything at one place.

AI based sms
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Covid19 has shown us a world we haven’t imagined ever and after learning from the mistakes, we now know the importance of online software. 

SchoolSYS is a school management system with an AI-based blog suggestion system.

Stock & inventory
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Inventory plays a big role in most of the import, export, wholesale and retail businesses. We present an online inventory management system to manage sales, purchases, taxes, and products in a very efficient way powered by SuiteCRM.

The software works on-premise so we only need a server to set up and keep it working.


There are 3 panels which we provide in SchoolSYS.

First, Admin Portal- to manage office work like admission, timetable, teachers, subjects, exams, etc

Second, Teacher’s Portal- managed by teachers to manage attendance, assignments, mark sheet, library books, and student diary, etc.

Third, Student’s Portal- which will be managed by student’s parents and student itself to see assignments, timetable, notice, fee, etc.

No, there is no way to take some part of the SchoolSYS as it is designed in a way that everyone can use their part. But you can defiantly select the lower range subscription if your requirement is less.

To get pricing for inventron, please contact us and we will get back to you with a demo and pricing.

There are basic pricing as well as custom pricing for custom requirement system.

No, only tailor has to pay for My Darzie software as they will be using it for their main purpose.

For general changes NO we can’t do modification for them but if there is huge requirement, we will propose it to the management and they will decide if there will be modification or not regarding it.

Yes, you can create invoice in InvenTron but it is not completely a billing software so there is not much you can do in the invoices.

You can click on Know more which will take you to the My Darzie website, from there you can click on the LOGIN button and click on register to get started.

No. For now there is no application for it but the website is fully responsive and  anyone can use it from their phone or tablet.

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