Our Services

Here are some of the services that we provide, but we can definitely go for more if you have requirement.

Mobile App

Our mobile development team is trained to work on user-specified products and requirements. With the minimum costing, you can get your own app.


One of the most common things for every selling business is having an eCommerce store online and it gives a huge advantage over the local shop as they have limitations. With an online store, you can expand your reachability and customer base.

Hybrid App

If you are looking for developing your application for both platforms and don’t have a huge budget, a hybrid app is a solution for you. At a low cost, you can get an app for both Android and iOS.


As we all know the power of WordPress, Woocommerce is a plugin of WordPress with all the possibilities of the eCommerce store.


Customer relationship is a very critical part of every business as we live in a digital era where words and information are everything. With SuiteCRM one can monitor and maintain the customer relationship.


For any business, if the name is listed on google with the website, we think of it as a reliable and trustworthy business. If there are good reviews for it, that is a cherry on the top. Website is like the basic need for today’s business.


We all know the advancement and power of a WordPress website. It provides a lot of features and almost everything is possible now with a single click on the WordPress website.

A Benefit / Feature

How we deliver the best.

With the advent of new technologies like IOT, Cloud Computing, Big Data and several others, we are bound to use the company specified software. There are several reasons for that; the first one is security, we use company software because it will be more secure than the websites. And the second one is Performance.


Yes. We give up to 1 year of free support for the custom software. But for framework-based software, we give up to 3 months of free support.

After the free support time is over, there are some charges for the maintenance of software.

Yes, for some websites like WordPress and WooCommerce we do maintenance work but custom build software maintenance is very difficult and sometimes not possible, so we don’t take custom build software maintenance.

Well, there are two ways you can get a quotation for your project.

First, you can write to us at sales@codetron.co.in and we will get back to you after some time.

Second, you can go to our pricing page for the Android app, iOS app, hybrid app and website and get the rough quotation by yourself.

The WordPress price completely depends on the requirement of the client. But we can say that starting is Rs. 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand).

We use Ionic and Cordova along with Angular for the development of the hybrid app.

It is time for us to know you.

Let’s meet over a coffee sometime and discuss the possibilities of expanding or starting your business online.