InvenTron! A complete solution

The Simplest of its kind

Experience Yourself

Presenting the easiest and best inventory management system at your fingertips with the security of CodeTron. One of its kind where you can manage all your inventory from one place. The process is very simple and the options are very clear.

See all your purchase and sale information in one place. Doesn’t matter if you have a phone or tablet, it is fully compatible with every device.

Secure & Fast

InvenTron is very secure and fast because it is powered by SugarCRM and Supercharged by SuiteCRM. The UI is at its simplest where you can manage your entire inventory with only some simple clicks. 

invention is designed keeping in mind that every type of person will use it, from a tech person to a non-technical person, from today’s generation to the previous generation. It is built for everyone who has inventory for their business.

Ease of sync

The easiest and most convenient part of the software is that it is synced with the network, hence anyone from anywhere can open the InvenTron and see the updated product available in the inventory.

One of the added benefits is that it is accessible from any device which has internet access, one can easily access and check the inventory from any remote location.

Complete Solution

This is a complete solution for inventory managers, you can do all the possible operations within the scope by using InvenTron.

There are some of the key features which we would like to mention.

  • Send the product without adding it.
  • Create an invoice for any product
  • Add once use every time
  • See all the purchases or sell of any company from one single window
  • See the background of any company
  • Take partial/full/advance payment from the company or individual
  • Get a complete graphical view of the purchase and sale
  • Get a modified report to monitor your inventory or business.

Ready for Demo

CEO / Founder

If you are having any queries or confusion or if you want to see the live action of the InvenTron, please contact us. We will book a slot for you for the demo

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